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Everything you need to know so you can use to get quick and convenient care!

See if it’s right for you! Ask yourself these questions…

  • Toothache, broken tooth, or swelling?
  • Need a second opinion?
  • Can’t get away from work?
  • Hands full with the kids?
  • Have dental question or concerns?
  • Can’t get on your dentist’s schedule?
  • On vacation & need a dentist?
  • Dislike waiting rooms?
  • You are not sure if you actually have to visit a dentist for your question/concern.
  • You are too busy to visit a dentist.
  • You want to talk to the doctor, but don’t have time to schedule an appointment.
  • You have an after-hours emergency.
  • You would like a second opinion.

Dental Emergencies:

  • Swelling
  • Broken Teeth
  • Soft Tissue Lesions


Second Opinions:

  • Your dentist diagnosed a more serious dental problem.
  • Previous dental work that did not fix problem.
  • You do not know if the recommended treatment is necessary.
  • You are concered with the treatment cost.
  • You are worried that your dentist may not have the necessary skills to perform the treatment.
  • You do not have a good relationship with your current dentist.



  • You want to explore treatment options.
  • You are looking to understand a specific procedure or treatment better.
  • Want to assess your elgibility for procedure or other forms of treatment.
  • You are monitoring the progress of treatment.
  • You need a reccomendation for the best form of dental treatment & management.
  • You want to determine how dental problems affect other parts of the body.


Questions & Concerns:

  • General questions & concerns you may have.
  • Invisalign treatment aligner check.
  • Follow-up after recent procedures (crowns, fillings, extractions, etc.).

The cost of an e-visit is only $49. If you need to come into the office for a follow up the $49 fee will be credited back to you! 

We need this information in order to secure your e-visit. Remember the $49 fee will be credited back to you if you need to come into the office for a follow up. When the charge appears on your card, it will show as “Online Payments By Stripe.”

Unfortunately we are unable to bill your dental insurance for any e-visits. You are welcome to print your receipt and submit it to your carrier yourself in the case that teledentistry is covered.

Setting up an e-visit is easy. First, you’ll need to create an account on our online platform, using your email address and creating password to log in. We’ll ask you to fill out a short medical history form. This is similar to the sort of form you would fill out before any medical or dental vist.

Next, you’ll need to enter your payment information. There is a $49 charge for an e-visit, and you can submit the claim to your insurance if you’d like to see if it’s covered. You will only be charged once your e-visit is completed.

Upon completion of the short account set-up, you will be ready to hop on with a doctor. You can enter the ‘virtual waiting room’ to talk to an on-call dentist now or you can choose to schedule an appointment for a future time. works on any device! If you are on a mobile phone it will prompt you to download our app (called Providers OnDemand) after creating an account.

You can either schedule an appointment with the doctor of your choosing or get in the waiting room and the first available doctor will be happy to see you!

Wait times for on-call doctors are fairly short (most within 5 minutes). Feel free to go about your business, our smart notifications send you a link as soon as your doctor is ready to see you! works on any device! We recommend using a device with a camera so you can do a video chat, however if you do not you can still use the chat feature. You can also upload a photo of your concern prior to the e-visit.

Yes! Simply choose from the available time slots and select the time that best fits your schedule.

In order to properly manage your digital chart and send you notifications when your doctor is ready, we need all of the pertinent information filled out.

Yes! We implement technical, physical, administrative, and organizational safeguards to protect your information, as well as secure messaging.

It is critical that we have all of your medical information so we can properly treat you. Certain medications and health issues impact your oral health, so it is important we have the whole story. In addition, if we do need to send in a prescription, we must know your allergies. 

Like having a dentist in your pocket!